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Wan & Wong Fashion

Wan & Wong Fashion

 Wan & Wong Fashion founded in spring 2013, has a philosophy of returning to 'minimal' - clean cuts and sharp lines, combined with soft colours, resulting in unique silhouettes with modern senses and new proportions.

They aim to establish a relation with sustainable fashion, and to use simple geometry in producing profound fashion pieces; through minimal designs and blending design elements into harmony. Focusing on the combination of fabrication and techniques on textiles, meanwhile continuously developing recycling production skills i.e up-cycling, zero-waste and reconstruction.

For Wan & Wong Fashion, simplicity and minimalism isn’t just descriptions, but rather the idea. The concept of the design cleanness is integrated at every stage of the design and production process. All materials are carefully handled and chosen while messy design details are eliminated.

Wan & Wong Fashion strives to serve confident people with a keen eye for fashion.

They will be showcasing their latest minimal collection at the Sustain Show on 10th October.