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Tijana and Mila Popovic

Tijana and Mila Popovic
Tijana and Mila Popovic

The collection “Fairies from the Heart of the Forest” for autumn/winter 2011/2012 is composed of unique, hand crafted dresses. The inspiration for this collection originates from the analysis and comparison of the modern woman and a fairy, the analogy and the linkage between the new media, design and traditional values.
The design duo, Tijana and Mila Popovic, are portraying, through these models, their conception of the modern new age woman who aspires to nature and whose aestheticism is not short-winded, but reflects the pursuit of environment preservation.

The symbiosis of aestheticism, functionality and ecology has resulted in these state-of-the-art models, containing the elements of the traditional. Embroidery and crochet details make this collection of gentle and geometrical forms, both subtle and authentic. Hand craft, deconstruction and redesign, with plenty of details and elements of nature, classifies the collection “Fairies from the Heart of the Forest” in Haute Couture.

Mysterious, seductive, fluttering, intangible modern are hard to find in the global jungle.However, they do exist in the very heart of the woods.

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