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Tiffany Pattinson

Tiffany Pattinson
Tiffany Pattinson

Tiffany Pattinson is a sustainable brand with a style of futuristic elegance. From product development to production and sales the company prides itself on their aim to minimize environmental harm.

This collection creates beautiful pieces using sustainable techniques whilst keeping costs reasonable in order to produce pieces that sell and promote the idea of sustainability. All our products come with a little instruction leaflet to teach our consumer how to up-cycle their items, transforming them into other things, this method ultimately aims to create pieces that eliminate waste.

 Setting up local production studios that also employ people with disabilities, the brand continues to look for ways to feed eco-fashion into the mainstream fashion world. With this message at the core of the business Tiffany Pattinson is a brand that brings sustainable fashion one step closer to being the norm in current society.

 The SS16 collection ‘The Dream Catcher’ is inspired by the gypsy fortune-tellers of the old days. Their spirit in treasuring what they collect and their wisdom in maintaining a balance in nature are celebrated in Pattinson’s pieces through sustainable design. A combination of old stock or test fabrics from factories, raw stones and crystals, old stock toys, plastic sequins made from PET bottles plus a futuristic mix of 3D printed details are some of the materials used to craft a playful yet sustainable for the new era of dream catchers who strive to make the world a greener place.

 Tiffany Pattinson will be flying from Hong Kong to show her SS16 collection exclusive to Brighton Fashion Week's Sustain catwalk show on Friday 16th October.