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Tata Christiane

Tata Christiane

Tata Christiane is a fashion label depicting its vision of baroque street wear. With decline, maladjustment, extravagance and immoderation, the label proposes an absurd anddisturbing ideal of beauty. Joining extremes in spirit and harmonising contrast in its creations, Tata Christiane is playful and colourful, incorporating a visionary merging of
textiles. Designs play with the borders of elegance and bad taste, digging up our ancestors of style, recycling the waste of our civilization, verging on monomania, a monstrous and sublime piece at the same time. Tata Christiane transforms fashion into art, suitable for boys and girls, women and transvestites, kings and madmen as well as the elderly. The brand develops two collections a year and produces limited editions and unique pieces.

Founded in 2007 in Paris by Tata and Hanrigabriel, who are also the creators of the band Aniaetleprogrammeur. With Valquire Veljkovic, the trio is a multidisciplinary art collective whose activities extend alongside music and fashion design to video, photography and graphic design. In their creative studio based in Berlin, they collaborate with artists from various disciplines such as performing arts, theatre, cinema, photography and music.

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