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Twelve years, 12 whole years; A decade and a belief. An idea and a bebop energy; a movement; rhythm; a conviction committed to keep it happening 

Who knows where the time goes?

 Brighton Fashion Week cultivates an exceptional view - a vantage that looks out onto a vast myriad landscape. With every certain uncertainty that we've faced – it's positive to take a look back, momentarily...

By a glimpse it’s clear how distinctively we’ve developed, moved and progressed.

   Brighton Fashion Week is now in it’s sixth year of the eleven which form the very heartbeat of it: At first, it was an exciting challenge to create an event that could showcase a small yet spirited group of designers seeking opportunities and new alternatives for showcasing their work. It soon began to flourish – advancing organically – a sea change of what we perceived to be the art of Fashion coupled with the apparent determination to incite its growth began many years of unprecedented development. We have seen many iterations; stumbles, stutters; growth and affirmations - like in life and of love - it takes a good deal of time, of mind, of effort and devotion to keep it alive and when you manage to hold true collectively to something and form a community, then your belief grows with each challenge met.


We at Brighton Fashion Week believe, fundamentally, in creativity and providing the network and environment for it to thrive and be recognised. The Fashion Industry is wonderfully diverse and at the heart of what we do and why we do it is our integral aim to work progressively with and not for Designers. In such a dynamic, demanding and opportune industry, it is essential for Brighton Fashion Week that this is the case - we endeavour to grow creativity by working alongside our designers to bring you a very different showcase. 

Fashion weeks will still exist across the globe. They are a diverse, universal and dynamic phenomenon, however, we believe our contribution is vital nevertheless.

Brighton Fashion Week will take place from the 15th - 17th October 2015.  The coastal city of Brighton will transform into a fashion mecca for International innovative designers and artists with events that include, competitions, industry networking, workshops, installations and catwalks shows.  As the UK’s biggest platform for new fashion design talent outside of the capital, the last six years have seen us showcase collections from over 600 new designers, and stage unique fashion and art events in a huge variety of Brighton venues.

Brighton Fashion Week offers a fresh approach to promote sustainability within the fashion industry. Our aim is to encourage as many excellent quality innovative sustainable fashion brands to showcase at the event as possible and showcase the very best in sustainable fashion. We also work with new designers at the start of their careers to adopt ethical practices in their work.

Not all purchasers of fashion understand the impacts of what they choose to buy. Brighton Fashion Week will tell the story of waste people create from their fast fashion shopping fix contrasting this with sustainable fashion practices and the need for fair wages. We have started to increase consumer awareness around the social and environmental impact of clothing through our events, social media and press coverage over the past two years and wish this to increase further. We now have decided to bring criteria around sustainability in fashion into ALL aspects of the event (the three main catwalk shows) as we feel this is an essential step that the fashion industry needs to take.

So eleven years we’ve spun around the Sun and we’ve learnt more than a thing or two. We've recognised that what we do is important and realised you’re blue is not necessarily our blue but it’s blue nevertheless… and by this it appears our faith was well placed when we set out and continually applied ourselves in making our dreams and ideas a reality in a new, wild landscape. 

Brighton Fashion Week is produced by FAQPOP, a not for profit Community Interest Company committed to producing high quality public events in fashion and the arts.






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