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Raggedy Rags

Raggedy Rags
Raggedy Rags

Hayley Trezise is an independent artisan creating eco-couture under the name ‘Raggedy’. High fashion designs focus on conscious consumption that keeps both social and environmental impact in mind.

Raggedy’s designs are innovative, wearable art where bold shapes are sculpted, fused and constructed using waste and pre-loved fabrics with a signature ‘scribblestitch’ detail. Raggedy fearlessly handcrafts textured, slow fashion that is intuitive and unconventional in such a way that garments are both playful and timeless.

Every item is inspired by and celebrates the female form. This is unique fashion is as individual as the wearer. Raggedy’s luxury womenswear challenges us to ‘…dress like nobody’s judging.’

Raggedy’s objectives are to create luxury womenswear that is inspired by sustainability and has minimal impact on and maximum respect for the environment. Raggedy’s focus is to be an alternative to High Street/Fast Fashion and is done so by designing collections that are timeless and playful, enhancing and celebrating the female form whilst encouraging women to embrace their individuality.

Raggedy finds inspiration from textiles/textures, landscapes, figures and forms around us. Fabrics are locally and ethically sourced and traditional textile skills are used to produce her innovative designs.

Raggedy will be showcasing her new collection exclusive to Brighton Fashion Week's Sustain catwalk show on Friday 16th October.  Raggedy is also a finalist in our Showreel design compeition and will be showcasing her Beauty from Waste design at the Showreel performance which will be part of the Zeitgeist show on Friday 16th October.