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About our Privacy Policy

Your privacy is extremely important to and related websites*. However it is essential for to collect information about our visitors to further enhance your User experience and to manage the site, as well as sites owned and operated by We strive to protect your privacy at all times within generally accepted Internet Publishing standards and subject to the conditions of our Privacy Policy which governs our data collection practices.

Our Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time without notice. If you are a frequent visitor to, and sites owned and operated by, we recommend that you regularly review our Privacy Policy. The date of the current version of our Privacy Policy is stated at the top of the page. Use of any website expressly indicates that you accept all the terms of our Privacy Policy and assume any risks related to the use of our websites and its content.

Information Collected by and related websites collect two types of User information - Automatic User Information and Specific Subscriber Information.
Automatic User Information is electronically captured every time anyone visits a website. This information is gathered anonymously and includes such details as the amount of visitors to a particular site, pages viewed, country of origin and a unique IP address. However it is impossible for us know any personal details about you such as your name, address and phone number.

Specific Subscriber Information is only collected when a person is asked to fill out an online form such as when you apply for our e-news letter or enter a contest. At the time you will be provided with an explanation stating exactly how the required information may be used. We never collect any personal information without your knowledge and consent. You may be asked for your name, age, sex, country, city and other personal relevant details.

How We Use Your Information

Automatic User Information is considered general information used to tabulate overall User logs. This data is ultimately pooled to provide us with general usage statistics. We use this information to evaluate overall traffic to our sites and to enhance your User experience.

General User information is routinely made available to interested parties and may be posted on our websites or published in our media kit. Personal information is never included. General user information is often used by a third party to evaluate a strategic partnership with or an advertiser to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

Specific Subscriber Information is used in two ways. Your name and contact information are only used expressly for the purpose of communicating directly with you through e-mail. This usually means that you will receive our newsletter and from time to time an e-mail notice regarding special promotions or offers. If you have subscribed to a contest you will be informed through e-mail that you have won.
Specific Subscriber Information is also used to create a more in-depth User profile. Most of the general type of Specific Subscriber Information, for example your age and sex, is anonymously pooled and used to develop more detailed User statistics. The tabulated data is routinely made available to interested parties and may be posted on our websites or published in our media kit. This information is often used by third parties to evaluate a strategic partnership with or an advertiser to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

From time to time may share this information with a third party who we may be partnering with for example to bring you a special promotion. attempts to enforce strict guidelines and requires all third parties associated with our websites to conform to certain standards. However the terms of this Privacy Policy only owned sites and not to any third party.

Notwithstanding the above Specific Subscriber Information is sometimes made available to a third party for technical support under very specific and controlled circumstances such as maintaining or upgrading our software. Does Not Sell Personal Information

Unless specifically stated at the time you provide personal information does sell personal subscriber email addresses or any individual personal information such as your name and address.

Protecting Your Personal Information

Although takes reasonable precautions to protect your personal information we can not warrant the security of your information in anyway. By using a site you agree to indemnify, and sites owned by from any liability from damages you may suffer as a result of interception, alteration or misuse of information that is transmitted or collected over the Internet.

Delicious Cookies!

Cookies are tiny bits of programming script temporarily placed on your computer. uses Cookies to help improve your User experience by making repeated tasks such as the login to view the premium content on our websites automatic and not disruptive of your enjoyment. You may refuse to accept Cookies from by selecting the privacy function in your Internet browser. However, if you turn off cookies from most premium portions of our websites will not work limiting your User experience. Most browsers provide you with an option to select which sites you wish to accept Cookies from. If you have this option enabled, please make sure and related sites are on your list of safe sites if you wish to accept our Cookies.

Third Party Links

Some content on sites maybe be created or hosted by a third party. You may access these sites by clicking on a link or ad. Our Privacy Policy applies only to information hosted and transmitted on a website. attempts to enforce strict guidelines and requires all third parties associated with our websites to follow appropriate privacy policies. We do not authorize any entity to use any information supplied by us except for the purpose it was intended. does not retain any liability or responsibility for any misuse or actions by any third parties to whom it links. We recommend that you always review the privacy policy of any website you visit.

Unsubscribe/Change of email address

You may unsubscribe from our member list at any time. However you will be denied access to all Premium Content including our streaming video, photo slideshows, special features and eNewsletter. If you wish to unsubscribe open any eNewsletter received via email from, and click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email body and follow the instructions. reserves the right to a 48 hour timeline to remove your email successfully from our list.


Use of any website constitutes your acceptance of all of the terms and conditions contained in our Privacy Policy. It also implies that you accept and agree with our use of the information you provide. You further agree to indemnify from any damages, direct or consequential, as the result of visiting our websites. You fully acknowledge that you visit and related sites at your own risk.

To Contact BFW Regarding Our Privacy Policy

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy. We always welcome your input and strive to continually improve your User experience on and related sites.

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