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Patrizia Ruthensteiner

Patrizia Ruthensteiner

Patrizia Ruthensteiner is an interdisciplinary artist whose work centers around costume design and construction. Constantly trying on a holistic form of making fields of dancing/movement, Patrizia Ruthensteiner is interested in the relationship between everyday fashion and stage costumes. Testing, stretching and questioning the borders between on stage and off stage, official and private, natural and artificial, she aims to blur and combine the boundaries. Whilst also questioning the claim of subject and object through her creation, as often they are transformable. The possibilities of clothes can vast, as they can be used as a static object, but also can be worn and used in a different context whilst inviting the wearer to not only wear the clothes but to interact with it.


Patrizia Ruthensteiner’s collection for Brighton Fashion Week 2014 will be drawing inspiration from classical clothing elements of the renaissance and gothic period as she denaturalizes historical shapes through the use of unexpected materials. Evoking a new era of hybrid existences of human and animal, subject and object, nature and culture, future and past, you can see her lastest collection at ShowReel on Sunday 12th October.