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No Such Thing

No Such Thing
No Such Thing

With a family background in textiles and textile chemistry and a passion for environmental science Clare Farrell is a fashion designer with a committed and passionate attitude to materials, manufacturing processes, sustainability and ethics.

Following her graduation from Middlesex University in 2005 Clare Farrell decided that the best way to affect positive change within the fashion industry was from the inside, armed with knowledge, experience and passion. Whilst working in commercial outerwear she designed and developed clothing for an array of UK retailers, but realising that protesting in Topshop on a Saturday whilst managing an account with them Monday to Friday wasn't really making her happy she decided to take the leap into more meaningful work. 

She joined young Entrepreneur Nin Castle at Goodone,, and quickly they became great friends and sturdy partners, developing the brand aesthetic and manufacturing capacity to serve 'mass production' on orders for reclaimed/upcycled clothing. Together they sold collections to Topshop, Asos, along with many other international boutiques, as well as showing 5 seasons together at London Fashion Week. They also consulted with Tesco for 2 years on a sustainable clothing project and taught a 'sustainable fashion - upcycling' course at central St Martins.

Clare has now moved on to work with the textile recycling charity Traid. Designing ranges for Traid Remade furthered her work with reclaimed, post consumer and post industrial waste. This has allowed further insight into the work of NGO's with organic cotton initiatives, campaigns for better working conditions in factories, and women's organisations in India.

Now with a trans-seasonal range of women's cycle-wear, No Such Thing, she offers a collection of practical, classic garments developed to promote sustainable and healthy lifestyle choices, addressing traditional barriers to female riding via a 'slow fashion' model. Garments are developed to be stylistically long lasting, practically hard wearing, and wherever possible developed with future closed loop recyclability in mind.

No Such Thing has been sponsored by Mo:vel shoes to participate in Brighton Fashion Week. The brand will be showcasing their collection on Friday 16th October at the Zeitgeist Catwalk show.