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Nikolo Bertok

Nikolo Bertok
Nikolo Bertok

NIKOLO BERTOK UNLIMITED Spring and Summer 2010 is a brand new collection for next year's Spring and Summer season and it is also part of  a new line of the NIKOLO BERTOK label.

The main idea for this collection comes from a deep-seated philosophy of life and personal concept of fashion, and is not simply aimed at the visual impact of the final product. The collection entitled UNLIMITED is derived from the concept of UN-LIMITED designs and the production of unique individual pieces.

It is designed for a woman or man who is not afraid of wearing an outfit that may reveal his or her inner-most secret identity. Nikolo Bertok's designs are especially made to eliminate LIMITATION, to break with tradition and restrictions in design.  He is not afraid of embarking on a path into the unknown, of creating new-fangled ideas and experimenting with unusual fabrics so as to achieve exactly the design he had in mind from the onset. 

Nikolo's designs are progressive and in line with the tide of technological, scientific and social advancement. His label is forever challenging tradition and thereby reflecting the progress we experience in our daily life. He wants to move fashion forward in a futuristic manner.  The twelve pieces of this Pre-collection for Spring and Summer 2010 will be shown at Brighton Fashion Week in June and the whole collection at the London Fashion Week in September 2010. Please find attached some images of Nikolo's latest designs to give you an idea what he creates in his collection.

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