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Milkweed is a company that believes in fair products both for the customer and for all people involved in every stage of production. Sourcing organic materials and yarn, recycling, reusing and working with local materials and craftsmen to create their unique style. 

Their ‘Outsiders’ collection is part of a series of projects undertaken by Milkweed exploring the possibilities within sustainably produced knitted textiles. Through considered work with British lamb’s wool, Shetland grey fleece and manipulation of felting techniques the unisex and trans-seasonal collection explores the role of natural fibres in a contemporary way.

Exchange with crafts people and local suppliers throughout their production encourages consideration of value and creativity throughout the brands collections. Milkweed's work within textiles serves as a platform to create knitwear that demonstrates how materials can act as part of a cyclical process; both biodegradable and sustainable.  Clothing and textiles have long been connected to the world's problems regarding material necessity, but through the brand's work they set out to prove that through sustainable materials we can celebrate culture, an innate sense of place and convey each individuals style. 

For more information on Milkweed's brand please visit:

 Milkweed will be showcasing their collection at the Sustain catwalk show on Friday 16th October.