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Meganne Murrin

Meganne Murrin
Meganne Murrin

The inspiration for this collection comes from my own fascination with different life forms, armour, layering and a use of different textures to create a truly unique garment that moulds and shapes the body.

Most of the collection has been draped close to the body to create the look and feel of a second skin, so the wearer will feel encased and protected in the garment.

The collection itself has three different elements consisting of two outfits each, each element will have a different colour scheme within itself. Each element will take a different view on my own interpretation of my own concept Alien Armour, however keeping a tight shiloette throughout the collection to marry up all three elements together.

My colour scheme mainly consists of blues and greens mixed together my main inspiration for the use of these colours is the embossed croc leather I found on my first fabric shopping trip and this helped me inspire me colour wise for the rest of the collection.

My collection shows how a concept so masculine can be made feminine but still keeping very much alive the original concept. I want to empower women and make them feel strong in my garments.

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