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Max Robinson

Max Robinson

Fun, creative and eccentricity are the key elements to Max's work and design aesthetic. Influenced by the theatricality of fashion and fashioning radical characters that reflect his imagination bringing them into my world. Intuitive and interested by people, arts, culture and design creates a genuine passion for what Max does. Combinations and collaborations with other art forms such as costume, music and art are other directions he want to explore with the discipline of fashion design being the primary grounding to his work.

Looks Dangerous, You Go First!

Humorous, animated and theatrical elements are key to Max's collection. The A/W 14 menswear collection is escapism from everyday life and will transport the wearer into Max's world. That world is a bonkers place to escape. Looking at the Jacobean period and modern mountaineering as his two initial inspiration points, the idea is to capture the over the top decadence and frivolousness of the early 17th century with a sportswear aesthetic. Print, embroidery, knit and bold styling will finalize the collection, creating a intimidating and imaginative aesthetic. In collaboration with Amelia Elstow, fellow Brighton University printed textiles designer.


Max Robinson will be showcasing his collection at The ShowReel Show on Saturday 15th June.

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