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Magnea Einarsdottir

Magnea Einarsdottir

Born and bred on a small island in the North Atlantic, it is clear from where Icelandic designer Magnea has her vision. Growing up, she spent her childhood summers playing outside in the dramatic nature while living in an old house in the heart of Reykjavik. Having always been fascinated by fashion and textiles, it was clear from an early age where Magnea was heading.

Her heritage and honour for Scandinavian craft led her to studying Fashion Design with Knitwear at Central Saint Martins where she graduated from in 2012 with her collection ‘Opposites Attract’.Magnea uses various contrasting materials such as rubber and lambs wool to make her fabrics,which are a mix of knits and embroidery, creating rich textures and detailed geometric patterns.


Magnea Will be showcasing her collection at the Zeitgeist show on Thursday the 13th June.

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