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LUQMAN A – A London based menswear designer. Upon graduating from a BA fashion design degree at the University for the Creative Arts Rochester in 2014; Luqman was selected to show in the prestigious graduate fashion week amongst other talented students throughout the nation and to be judged by a panel of celebrity judges. Which attracted several magazines and artists. Luqman then went on to intern for the London team of Adidas working on their performance wear collection.

Luqman has always been fascinated by sportswear clothing and how it can look very trendy and fashionable yet still comfortable. Luqman loves the idea of crossing boundaries in menswear whilst keeping his clothes very wearable; thus leading the designer to the use of colour, mixture of fabrics and newly introduced shapes.

 “White Men Can’t Jump”, the confliction of two personalities is what led designer Luq to use a contrast of textured fabrics in his most recent collection for Brighton Fashion Week. The round and oversized shapes originated from the tough and alpha male like personality of the character Sydney Dean. On the other hand, one could see through Sydney’s soul and see the kindness, apparent in the transparency of the garments. An exploration of the two personalities resulting in becoming playful with one another.

Luqman has been sponsored by Mo:vel shoes to participate in Brighton Fashion Week. The brand will be showcasing their collection on Friday 16th October at the Zeitgeist Catwalk show.