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Jovana Markovic

Jovana Markovic
Jovana Markovic

Jovana Markovic is a fashion designer from Belgrade, born in 1986. She started to present her collections in April 2007 at Belgrade Fashion Week. Jovana Markovic’s career was launched at the October 2007 Fashion Selection where she won the award for Best Young Designer for her Autumn/Winter 08 Collection. Since then she has regularly presented her collections to an international audience at Belgrade Fashion Week and her work has often been featured in advertising and editorials in the major fashion magazines in Serbia. Jovana opened her store in Belgrade's design district in December 2010 and this store forms the foundation of her label.

In October 2011 she won the Textile Young Designer Award at Belgrade Fashion Week for her Winter collection for 2012 and in November 2012 Jovana went on to win an Elle fashion award, which was presented at Belgrade Fashion Week accompanied by a live performance by Phoebe Killdeer (singer from Nouvelle Vague) and Alexandre Maillard (bass player of the band “Phoebe Killdeer and short straws”). She continued to co-operate with the famous French band Nouvelle Vague. Jovana Markovic is currently working on a variety of new ventures including making her work available to a larger audience utilising select online portals.

Jovana Markovic will be showcasing her new collection at the Zeitgeist Show on Thursday June 13th.

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