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Jess Eaton

Jess Eaton
Jess Eaton

Jess Eaton received a standing ovation at Brighton Fashion Week 2010 for her much talked about Trashion Show. At BFW 2011, she pushed recycling to the limits and asked us to think about the ultimate nature of sustainability through Roadkill Couture. In 2012 Jess out-did herself once again with a show-stoppingly beautiful show.

EVER the Queen of reinvention, Brighton-based designer Jess Eaton returns to Brighton Fashion Week 2013 with a fresh and exciting new twist on her critically-acclaimed Roadkill Couture range. 

In the twelve months since her headline show drew the Zeitgeist crowd to its feet for a standing ovation, Jess has dressed Kate Moss for the iconic Love magazine; seen her work photographed by legendary Zurich art photographer Walter Pfeiffer for Dazed & Confused; been interviewed by Alan Cummings for his Sky 1 show, City Secrets and recorded TV appearances on C4’s Four Rooms, countless BBC interviews and an Animal Planet documentary. 

And her work has filled the pages of the press all over the world, from the Sunday Times, Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Sun, The Metro to Brides magazine and Stylist.  Of course, anybody who attended last year’s show or visited Eaton's Preston Road boutique - EatonNott - will know why the press are falling over themselves to feature her work. And at Brighton Fashion Week's Zeitgeist Show on 13 June at St Bartholomew's Church, Eaton will be unveiling her most ambitious collection yet... AIR.

All garments - from the tailoring to evening dresses - will be made from old parachutes, showcasing Eaton's trademark talent for recycling used materials and transforming them into items of stunning beauty.  A ‘vintage look’ will be given a modern twist with eye-catching, dyed coloured feathers manipulated into extreme, awe-inspiring silhouettes. 

In contrast, a more natural, wearable look will utilise flowing fabrics and and a smattering of loose feathers from turkeys and other birds. Eaton's range will switch seamlessly between four distinctive looks, all expertly crafted using majestic animals from the skies, which have been sourced ethically for this year’s show. 

A third look will see Japanese-influenced, strong and simple shapes, teamed with striking winged accessories in a bizarre Samurai twist, while a fourth sees a range of dramatic evening wear accessorised with peacock and even metallic feathers. 

Finally, Eaton will embrace her recent foray into the wedding market - fronting the White Gallery Show this year - with a range of bridal-cum-evening wear with an edgy, gothic twist. Like all of Eaton's work, AIR uses materials entirely sourced from ethical outlets and no animals are harmed in the creating of her garments.  But, as is her way, the AIR range will be dramatic, awe-inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful. 

Jess Eaton will be headlining the Zetigeist show on Thursday 13 June.