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Jade & John / Gemma Landing

Jade & John / Gemma Landing
Jade & John / Gemma Landing

This is a collaborative collection between Jade & John (masks & metal bodywear) and Gemma Landing (garments).
Jade & John create couture facewear, masks and bodywear. Designed & hand-made in London, their large statement jewellery for the face & body is predominantly crafted using metal, both precious & non-precious. Each piece is carefully created to extravagantly enhance the wearer's beauty and feeling of empowerment. Exploring the juxtaposition between sensuality and structure, they create accessible, wearable, works of art.

Gemma Landing creates garments that celebrate the female form, inspired by her love of clean lines and architectural structures to enhance the natural shape. Based in London, Gemma uses interesting silhouettes to create garments that are sophisticatedly extrovert while instilling confidence and a strong sense of femininity in the wearer.

Inspired by strong femininity, this collaborative collection is a powerful fusion of statement jewellery and garments.

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