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Isaac Ava

Isaac Ava
Isaac Ava

ISAAC AVA is an independent fashion brand, founded by Leeds-based fashion designer Victoria Reddington and her business partner Dawn Hunter.

 This fledgling label is already making waves in the industry with its unapologetic ethos of “elevating everyday wear”. The antithesis to fast fashion, ISAAC AVA offer designs that are carefully and individually crafted, limited edition, and yet eminently wearable for each and every day.  

 “We create innovative designs that are clean, functional and easy to wear. The aim is for each and every piece to epitomize effortless high fashion”, says ISAAC AVA designer, Victoria Reddington. 

 ISAAC AVA’s debut collection is “Blue Lights”. Built around a palette of blue, white, black and grey, the flowing shapes and sweeping lines are directly inspired by J. M. W. Turner’s ‘Rockets and Blue Lights (Close at Hand)’. Evocative of swirling lights thrusting through fog, the designs echo the sea and sky of the Turner painting from which they were inspired.

 Victoria Reddington and Dawn Hunter are the founders of award-winning designer platform, which supports and promotes emerging fashion designers. The creation of ISAAC AVA comes four years after honing their craft through the running of the Fashion Pony platform.  

 Launching on the 11th October, ISAAC AVA’s greatly anticipated debut collection will be showcasing at the Zeitgeist Catwalk Show on Friday 16th October.