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Helen Woollams is an Award Winning Designer who has over 15 years experience, graduating from the London College of Fashion, with a highly accredited final collection. Helen launched Hellavagirl in 2011 and continues to produce three collections a year under the label as well as continuing to work as a freelance designer. Her collections have been featured in many publications including Vogue and she has showcased at London Fashion Week 2015 and Oxford Fashion Week 2014 & 2015.

 Helen has no rules in her creative process. More often than not she cuts straight into cloth and shapes and creations are born and developed organically, then developed backwards from garment to pattern and back to create the final masterpiece.

 Helen is inspired by history, a look, a story, a dream… the list is endless.

 Helen Woollams will be creating a exclusive upcycled collection for the show that will be showcased at Zeitgeist on Friday 16th October.