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Frances O'Leary

Frances O'Leary
Frances O'Leary

Frances O'Leary is a Womenswear and print designer based in East London. After graduating in 2009, Frances worked as a womenswear designer for the UK high street; feeling the desire to be more creative, frances launched her own luxury, UK produced collection in 2012.

The upcoming SS14 collection is inspired by the medias’ obsession with “perfection”, the collection is an exploration of what is believed to be imperfect and irregular; featuring a new series of prints, influenced by textural defects, erosion and age; and constructed from somewhat unlikely aesthetical sources; ultimately challenging the idea of "perfection". 

Frances O'Leary will be showcasing her new collection at The Zeitgeist Show on Thursday June 13th.

Photography by Rory Payne 

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