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Eve Meredith / Katie Doherty Collective

Eve Meredith / Katie Doherty Collective

Eve Meredith and Katie Doherty met at the grand old age of 3 and ever since then have been like family. So with a shared love of Fashion and Garment production, setting up a business together was inevitable.

Rather than designing as duo, they have launched a design collective as they still have their own separate visions and design aspirations, though each season aim to design two collections that work alongside each other.

 With a keen love of embellishment, fabric manipulation and textile play the two explore different surface treatments within the collections. This season Katie used print and Eve, embellishment.

Their exploration of kimono shapes as well as Katie's look at wood block printing from the Edo period and Eve's translation of adornments seen on Japanese armory gives a clue to the joint name chosen for both collections: Kazaru S/S 15.       For, Kazaru is Japanese for 'adorn / embellish / decorate / cover / Veil' and through the designs you will see different examples of adornment and notions of ‘conceal/reveal’ via veiled prints, translucent layering, screen printing, weaving, fringing, heavy texture and more.

The collections also weave references from Art Deco shapes, Batik fabric, Repurposed objects, African tribal Jewellery, Laddered tights, 1980’s textile artists, and Couching & Embroidery techniques, amongst others.

Eve Meredith / Katie Doherty Collective will showcase their collection at the Zeitgeist Show on 10th October 2014.