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Christina Pistofidou

Christina Pistofidou


Christina grew up in Greece where she drew inspiration from the warm and strong colours surrounding her and she continues to explore this feature in all her work.

At the age of 17 she followed a summer course in drawing and painting at the Edinburgh College of Art where she discovered loose, bold ways of layering colour onto paper. She developed these techniques of layer and depth on a flat surface and went on to create a series of very large paintings which would get her onto the BA(Hons) degree programme at Edinburgh College of Art.

After finishing her foundation year at ECA she was torn between fine art and design and instinctively chose to study performance costume design, drawn also by the inviting environment of the course. She started to explore the relationships between the painterly quality of her flat work and movement in garments, something which she went on to research in depth in her final year. Layering also became an important element of her work, both within two--- dimensional images and within the structure of the costume itself. Her work converges toward building an overall mood for the performance rather than focusing on individual costumes and often makes her own set boxes to accompany her design ideas.

During her degree she has completed various internships at the Royal Opera House and Scottish Opera, as well as in smaller, experimental theatre companies. Apart from designing and making costumes for dance shows and theatrical productions, Christina designed two full collections of digitally printed textiles for the cashmere company Jaggy Nettle in the summer 2012. In parallel, she is continuously working on her own projects, where she  researches fields of interest, focusing on how various artists and directors have explored emotion in their work. This has become a recurring theme in Christina’s work: considering how emotion is developed between an audience and a performer and how different emotions can be experienced within a space.

Having now finished her degree, it can be said that she is more interested in concept design rather than costume design with her portfolio including spaces and concepts for  performance art.

Christina Pistodidou is showcasing her collection at ShowReel on Saturday 15th June.

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