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Briar-Rose Kelleher

Briar-Rose Kelleher
Briar-Rose Kelleher

'Marie Antoinette took DMT'

Briar-Rose Kelleher is about giving women a new persona in which they can become more confident and outlandish than usual. Each collection is as conceptual as the next, with a controversial story to coincide with the beautiful yet provocative and avant-garde one-off pieces.

Having featured at London Fashion Week and London's Fashion and Art event, the next step is Brighton Fashion Week where she will be showing her brand new collection.

The collection holds some of the fashion from that era, however, in this story Antoinette goes to a free party. It is there that she finds a new persona whilst taking the psychedelic drug DMT. The collection demonstrates the journey and different stages in which the drug effects the 18th century icon.

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