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Boo Hodges

Boo Hodges
Boo Hodges

Boo Hodges founder of RemadeinBrighton is a designer, artist and performer with a background in Theatre, Costume, Community arts, creative play and events. A remakery project and social Enterprise where the focus is about raising awareness surrounding the impact we have on the environment in our everyday lives. RemadeInBrighton reuses items and materials destined for landfill and puts these back into circulation using creative and imaginative design and skill.

Her recent projects have included working with young people to look at the fashion industry and sustainable fashion where she explores being creative with rag bags and putting her own stamp on fast fashion items, restyling rubbish in a showcase for the Trashion show that was part of Bfest.

Alongside this there is an ongoing Brolley to Bags project where Hodges asks people to bring in discarded broken umbrellas reusing the fabric that would otherwise be dumped and thrown into landfill. Making life bags, promoting reusable bags and petitioning to put pressure on our government towards plastic bag waste are just some of the things this brand does to help our planet.

For more information and insight in to Boo Hodge's brand please go to:

The focus of their Showreel piece is to raise awareness of fast throw-away high street fashion and the amount of plastics and packaging that we throw away each day.

 Boo Hodges is a finalist in our Showreel design compeition and will be showcasing her Beauty from Waste design at the Showreel performance as part of the Zeitgeist show on Friday 16th October.  Boo has a chance of winning a £1000 award, sponsored by Veolia Environmental.