Tiffany Pattinson Exclusive Interview

Tiffany Pattinson is flying all the way from Hong Kong to showcase her SS16 collection at this years Brighton Fashion Week- which is amazing. She will be showcasing her Digitaldelia collection with some pieces from The Dream Catcher Collection.

She has been inspired by her mum 'since... forever' and is always looking at a way to expand her knowledge through culture of others.



I believe sustainability should not just only be about the material things, but also about the culture and spirit of human kind.



BFW: I understand your lilac colour theme is inspired by the Wisterias flowers, why did you pick this particular flower and theme? 

TP: I picked this flower because it's my birth flower and it represents things I believe in: love, peace and the determine heart despite hard times. Symbolising playfulness and spontaneity, my friends often agree that I shared the same characteristic as Wisteria.

BFW: Why is your collection named 'The Dream Catcher?'

TP: The collection, The Dream Catcher, I will be showcasing now will mainly be from my Digitaldelia collection with some pieces from The Dream Catcher Collection.

Digitaldelia = Digital x Psychedelia, the collection is made with minimal design and clean shapes, with prints inspired by glitches on computer and TV. Under black light, the collection reveals its psychedelic side. 

Furthermore, this futuristic collection is on an on-going study with programmers to bring the garments to the next level in terms of tech.

The Dream Catcher, extending from the Digitaldelia collection, are pieces made with a psychedelic touch. They are inspired by the dream catchers and gypsies, who treasure all their possessions. The collection combines old toys found from mine and many others' cupboard, 3D printing, resources from nature and waste fabric, interpret dream catcher making in my way.

 BFW: Are there any current designers that inspired you to your career?

TP: My mother is not a designer but I think she is the one who inspired me to my career. She is the one who shared fashion magazines with me since... forever.

 BFW: How does the sustainable fashion market in Hong Kong compare to the UK? 

TP: Although I would say the market is not as mature as the one in UK, I still think HK is catching up. I feel lucky to be in the times where more support is given both locally and globally to sustainable designers.

BFW: You strongly promote sustainable fashion in your collections but what originally triggered your focus on this issue? 

TP: I hate to see, with all these beautiful creations by mother nature to be killed just because we are chasing for other kinds of beauty at the same time.



BFW: In what way is your production development environmentally friendly? 

TP: I use wasted or old stock fabric from big factories. They sometimes will provide me with other materials such as buttons and zippers. I also uses dye that are less harmful to the environment and have prints made by digital printing method. I only print what I need in the shape of how I needed it to be, thus no waste is created. The pieces made also come with a little instruction leaflet on how to up-cycle it so to extend the life of the piece.

BFW: Sustainable fashion isn't publicised as much as it should be, why do you think this is? 

TP: I think it is because the trading system behind the whole production process of sustainable fashion is not mature yet. It is understandable that with creation comes money flow and job opportunity. Since the production side of things for sustainable fashion is not very profitable yet, it is not publicized as much as it should be. 

I hope soon in the future this will change though, and since I come from China, where most of the garments are produced, I also have the access to a lot of the waste. I hope I can be able to help make this trading system more mature by putting more designers like me in touch with them :)

BFW: Do you find it more enjoyable making male or female collections?

TP: I enjoy making both as I enjoy seeing both wearing my pieces.

BFW: What are your plans for the future? Do you have any new ideas on how to create sustainable pieces? 

TP: I plan to visit more minorities and learn from them. For their culture, fabric making and garment making skills to enrich my knowledge, before developing the next collection. This is because I believe sustainability should not just only be about the material things, but also about the culture and spirit of human kind. 


Tiffany also supports local, disabled people and is continuously looking to expand. Her last project was a silent fashion show, all including deaf models and excluding music with the audience required to stay silent. This was to raise awareness of what these models and other deaf people experience everyday!

If you have any suggestions for other projects please email her at:

We can't wait to see 'The Dream Catcher' collection along with Digitaldelia! 

Tiffany Pattinson will be flying from Hong Kong to show her SS16 collection exclusive to Brighton Fashion Week's Sustain catwalk show on Friday 16th October- buy your tickets here!



Instagram: @TiffanyPattinson

Interview by Ellie Radford