The Sound System Week 4 - GNTLMN Guest Mix

Elevenses by The Sound System on Mixcloud


Talented Birmingham based DJ GNTLMN provides us with our Sound System mix this week. Titled 'Elevenses', this mix was put together with Sunday morning chill vibes in mind, but with enough of a beat to get you listeners motivated.

GNTLMN's sound is primarily House music, but his influences stem from a range of sources. In discussing the mix with the artist, names such as Louis Armstrong, Four Tet and Melé as well as various classical composers and jazz artists crop up and these influences are clear throughout the mix. Opening with a track from Electro-Jazz trio Archie Pelago, and closing on the Fleetwood Mac classic 'Dreams', GNTLMN's taste is an eclectic one.

"These are some tracks that I thought would be perfect for getting people moving whilst retaining a chilled, relaxed vibe. The tracks are characterised by combinations of warm sounds and house sensibilities which achieve this mood. The mix also gave me the opportunity to include tracks from some of my favourite artists at the moment such as Archie Pelago, Nautiluss and Stimming as well as one of my own productions. This selection of tracks is not typical of my mixes but gives an indication of the kind of sounds that are influencing me right now."

Have Jeeves fetch the morning paper, retire to the smoking room and recline leisurely in your wingback chair, with your pipe in one hand while you twist your handlebar moustache back into shape with the other. Hit play and relax. Sundays are meant for chillin', old bean!

Check out more of GNTLMN's sound here.

Michael Swann