Sustain Catwalk 2015


What is sustainable fashion? This is the question we have been asking.

Everyone has had a different approach to this question, including the designers themselves. However the result stays the same - trying to create a more ethical, affordable and creative fashion industry.

Fashion should not be harmful nor irrelevant and Brighton Fashion Week believes that the fashion industry has to change. Demonstrating this beautifully was our Sustain Catwalk. The catwalk show promoted sustainability through the showcasing of designers and practitioners that were eager to combine innovative fashion design and ethical thinking, to produce unique and efficient collections.

Forward thinking, fashion conscious designers were scouted all over the world for our Sustain Catwalk. They all created amazing collections challenging all claims that Sustainable fashion has to be mundane and boring. They instead proved that it is possible to go past the limitations and create something utterly incredible and current. Amongst the designers that showcased at the Sustain Catwalk were award winners Kitty Ferreira and Rhiannon Hunt. The Sustain Catwalk demonstrated that fashion is sustainable, and sustainability is the new fashion.

Brighton is a city that overflows with morality and strong ethical values, making it the perfect location for Sustain. Being the largest catwalk of its kind in the UK, Sustain Catwalk led the way for Brighton Fashion Week, highlighting hugely exciting ready to wear collections.


Gwen&Syd opened Sustain Catwalk with her SS16 collection, ‘Shingam’.  Gwen&Syd are a limited edition, contemporary fashion and accessories brand. Eve, the designer of Gwen&Syd, believes that her ecological impact should be as minimal as possible, whilst maintaining her reputable originality.

Photo by Malcolm Tam


Following was Claire Poggio, again proving that sustainable fashion is definitely not boring! Claire Poggio specialises in womenswear and showcased her sporty-ready to wear, SS16 collection. Many of her garments were designed using transparent, recycled plastic to give her collection an edge.

Photo by Sarah Olivier


Haley Trezise, the womenswear designer behind Raggedy Rags, explained that she wanted to create minimal impact on the environment whilst creating her collection. Haley Trezise challenged us to ‘dress like nobody’s judging’ with her collection ‘Be Your Beautiful’. Raggedy Rags also created a show stopping costume for our Showreel Design Competition which took place later during the evening.

Photo by Malcolm Tam


Our first menswear designer to showcase their SS16 collection, ‘Formication’, was Kelly Dawn Riot. Kelly Dawn Riot has expressed how her inspiration for men’s fashion came from the Blitz Kids – ‘The Blitz Kids encompass everything I adore about men’s fashion, it was impressive, bright, and there was no conforming to the male aesthetic ideals’.

Kelly used her own hand crafted illustrations and paintings to create her collection, along with using natural fabrics such as linens and cottons found as remnants from local Scottish mills. This created an eco-friendly, durable collection, making an indisputable statement against the fast fashion industry.

Photo by Malcolm Tam


Kitty Ferreria was next to showcase her SS16 collection ‘Game Changing Elegance’. Her collection was inspired from her work experience in China where pollution was a clear issue. She tried to answer this clear problem in her designs by using azo-free dyes and organic peace silks as opposed to violently sourced from silk worms.  Kitty Ferreria made a clear demonstration of an ethical focused, ready-to-wear collection.

‘Respect for people, respect for nature.’ – Kitty Ferreria

Photo by Malcolm Tam


This year, we were truly appreciative of having Tiffany Pattinson fly all the way over from Hong Kong to showcase her SS16 collection, ‘Diditaldelia’, at Brighton Fashion Week 2015. Her aim was to create ‘psychedelic, digital prints’ which can be worn on a day to day basis, meaning they will not end up on a landfill site in a few months’ time. To create her collection she used old stock that factories couldn’t sell.

Photo by Malcolm Tam

Next up was Milkweed with ‘Outsiders Collection’. This collection explored how to work with knitted textiles and natural fibres in a contemporary and sustainable manner.  The materials used included; British lamb’s wool, Shetland grey fleece and contained the manipulation of felting techniques.

Photo by Sarah Olivier


In contrast to this, we had Rhiannon Hunt’s SS16 collection with ‘Reconfigure’. Rhiannon Hunt’s garments were designed so that the method of construction was apparent. All of her pieces were sewn together using traditional methods having sections that included pleats, panels, waistbands and hemlines that are joined with detachable fastenings. This enabled the wearer of the garments to adjust the size, fit and length. Her collection was aimed at reducing textile waste by establishing a greater bond between the wearer and garment.

Photo by Malcolm Tam


To end the show, was the incredible SS16 collection from Angus Tsui, ‘Somewhere in Time’. He had only visited Brighton once before and we were very lucky to have him back for Brighton Fashion Week 2015. Angus Tsui is a fashion label with a mission to promote and advocate environmental sustainability in the fashion industry, whilst also providing a unique and edgy aesthetic. The collection has recently launched in the COCKTAIL Select Shop in both China and Hong Kong.

Photo by Sarah Olivier



The vast range of diverse methods each designer used to interpret the use of sustainability in their designing and manufacturing processes, proves that this could be a successful move in the right direction for the fashion industry.

The Sustain Catwalk was sponsored by The FAIR Shop. Without their support this event would not be possible.

The night was a huge success!

Check out the video of our Sustain Catwalk: Sustain Catwalk Video