Striding Ahead: New Shoes for 2015

2K14 was the year of the chunky tread heel, the ankle boot and the metallic court shoe. We were gracefully stomping in sturdy block heels by day, then tripping in our delicate stilettos by night. 2015 is set to mix things up a bit – the chunky trend will no doubt continue, but the coming year is all about making a statement. Follow these five trends with the help of some talented new designers and run ahead of the curve!


  1. ‘Flatforms’ – Platforms With a Twist

image 1 flatform

The clue’s in the title, really. These are flat platforms – all the benefits of your regular platform shoe, but much easier to walk in. It’s a win win situation. Plus they come in all the same styles as your standard fashion shoes, only an inch or so higher; brogue style flatforms are becoming an increasingly popular, and smart, choice. Upcoming designer duo Norman & Bella have introduced a simplistic, yet still bold, version of the flatform (pictured). The plain black leather, with minimalistic zip detail, lets the shoe speak for itself.


  1. Pedal to the Metal – Unisex Metallics



It’s easy to assume that shiny, glittery items are worn solely by the ladies - but not in 2015. Men and women will be turning heads and blinding onlookers as they march forward in their metal-look numbers. For the guys, London based designer Luke Grant-Muller uses metallic to create an interesting twist on a classic brogue design (pictured). These shoes can’t help but make a statement; their shine – so burnished that the photographer’s reflection is clearly visible – will draw anyone’s eye. Worried about how to sort that annoying out-of-place hair in a formal situation? Worry no more, just have a look at your feet.


  1. Steady Cowgirl – Boots Straight From the Wild West


Buckles, fringe detail and knee-highs. It’s all coming back. Kick up a storm because Giuseppe Zanotti has begun gold capping his Chelsea boots – but do it carefully, you wouldn’t want them to scuff. Spanish designer Tara Salgado getting ready for spring by mixing western details with pastel colours (pictured), and the result is beautifully sophisticated. These boots aren’t so much of a statement, but the dusty pink would work perfectly with a springtime outfit.


          Colour Block – a Tonal Love Affair 


Block colours are usually a summer must-have for clothes, but this year the trend has converted to shoes. Rather than using one basic colour for the whole shoe, however, designer brand Suno, by Max Osterweis, have begun playing with tones to make the shoes really come to life. A standard blue shoe is transformed into a wash of indigos, turquoise and ocean shades.


  1. Go Gothic – Gothic Details for Spring


Don’t fear. If pastels and block colours, that so often make their comeback in the spring, don’t set your stylish heart on fire, 2015 has a little something for those who favour the darker side of fashion. The 90s revival has seriously brought black back and the coming year is set to be no exception. However, Rosanna Gault - after graduating from the London College of Fashion in 2012 - is not only looking to previous decades for her style stimulation, but previous centuries. The detail and intricacy of her designs are inspired by the attention to detail of the Victorian era. Although, credit should be given to anyone who would attempt to walk down the cobbled streets of Victorian London in a gold stiletto heel (pictured).


Hannah Ellison

Brighton Fashion Week blogger