Neal’s Yard; A Touch Of Magic In Covent Garden

Buried in Covent Garden is Neal’s Yard, a ‘secret’ courtyard hidden down a narrow alleyway in between Shorts Gardens and Monmouth Street. The courtyard is named after the 17th century developer, Thomas Neale, and can only be described as utterly unusual. Neale’s Yard gives off a magical feel, with each building painted in bold, psychedelic colours and decorated with all sorts of wild patterns and greenery growing up the front. With the wild colours and ‘secret’ nature, created by its hidden location, visitors feel as though they were in a fairy land when they enetered Neal’s Yard.




In keeping with the quirky nature of Neal’s Yard are the shops and cafes it is home to. One of the main hotspots of the courtyard is the Wild Food Café; what makes this café so different from your average lunch spot is that it has gone for an entirely vegan menu, serving fresh coconut juice, straight from the shell, a vegan style ‘pizza’ with an almond and butternut squash base, as well as freshly baked banana bread. Situated above Neal’s Yard Remedies, the Wild Food Café looks out over the rest of the yard, so you can soak up the fairy world feel in a completely chilled-out, vegan atmosphere.




As well as the Wild Food Café, there’s also a walk-in massage parlor, where visitors can pay £1 per minute to have a back, leg or foot massage. The ‘no booking’ concept of the parlor works to the advantage of customers with stressful jobs, who are looking for a quick relaxation fix during their lunch break.


Other services include a hairdressers, Hairy By Fairy, a salad bar, a skate shop and a beauty boutique, Neal’s Yard Remedies. Neal’s Yard Remedies is one of the more popular hotspots in the courtyard, with many visitors being drawn to the appeal of the natural and organic beauty products, which promote the belief that beauty should be more natural and less synthetic.




This quirky little spot in the heart of Covent Garden promotes a healthy, magical atmosphere, where you’re bound to find something a little unexpected and out of the ordinary with the bonus of getting a quick massage if you have a few minutes to spare.


Talina Naviede

Brighton Fashion Week blogger