Miranda Kaloudis - MDK

Miranda Kaloudis'  wanted to develop apparel for everyday life, strong looks which are functional. The result -  her collection "Symbiosis of Body, Clothes & Accessories" :

MDK:"Symbiosis of Body, Clothes and Accessories" is a functional outerwear  collection with high aesthetic standards. The hybrid parts are changeable depending on your needs, water repellent and
resistant to cold. Apparent contrasts clashed during the design process. Nature versus technique and past versus future were combied on several levels with the intention to create a new kind of aesthetics."

MDK"My original idea was to translate the concepts of symbiosis and organic growth into clothing. Garment and accessory merge and thus form a unit, or even a multiplicity. Symbiosis and organic growth were not only inspiration for the constructions, but also for the shapes. Soft cyclic forms are leading through the entire collection."

Functionality is the most essential ingrediant in MDK's desings. "I'm quite a fan of the double-bag-jacket, a rain jacket than can easily be stored away as a bag."

Miranda's pieces are incredibly convertible garments that switch from accessory to outerwear in only a few steps.
So suddenly you have a bag that becomes a raincoat, a shirt transfroming into a hooded rain poncho, and a tunic whose collar cocoons the garment in a protective rainproof layer.

Miranda Kaloudis, - a designer who is coming all the way from Switzerland to show at Brighton Fashion Week:
"In terms of fashion, Switzerland is still lagging behind a bit. There is an existing fashion scene, but is still, as Switzerland itself, very small. But I have a feeling that there is a slow but steady change. More and more Swiss designer become succesful abroad and thus draw attention to ourselves. Brighton Fashion Week is young, innovative and extremely varied, hence it manages to capture the zeitgeist. I am thrilled to be a part of it."