Fashion Salvage

Brighton Fashion Week 2015 kicked off with Fashion Salvage! Love Your Clothes invited the public to visit a ‘tonne’ of donated clothing to find out how to make the most of unloved items from their wardrobe, and highlight the environmental issues of clothing waste. We used the word ‘tonne’ in a smaller scale to stand in for the 350,000 tonnes of clothes that end up in landfill in the UK every year, unwanted, discarded and unloved.

Photo by Malcolm Tam


Local designers and up-cyclers, together with fashion and textile students from Northbrook College, created new pieces out of a tonne of clothing, which was exhibited during our Industry Networking event.


Industry Networking

Photo by Malcolm Tam


Following the success of Fashion Salvage, the Open Market was the perfect setting for designers, public, press and sponsors to celebrate the opening of Europe's 1st Sustainable Fashion Week. Networkers were treated to delectable sushi from Oki-Nami, exhilarating fresh fruit juices from Mojo, luxury treatments from Powder Beauty and to top it off refreshments were also swooped in from Divine Water, Propercorn and Urban Fruit.  Guests were treated to an inspiring talk by our guest speaker, Christine Gent, Executive Director of WFTO-Asia. Christine represents the 120 WFTO members based in 19 Asian countries.


Love Your Clothes

 “The Fun is in the Rummage”

During our three day event, we held free workshops, demonstrations and ‘Swishing’ events to help demonstrate how to re-use, re-make and re-invent your wardrobe down at the Open Market, London Road!

The event was open to all to get involved in making brand new creations out of somebody else’s, unwanted clothing. The atmosphere was inspiring and new garments were being transformed out of what were previously considered rags!

Photo by Dawid Pietraszewski

Photo by Dawid Pietraszewski


This was a chance for us to showcase the benefits of up-cycled clothing as well as highlighting the environmental impacts of clothing waste. We want this to be a movement!

On Friday 16th, City College, Varndean College and St Pauls Primary School were invited down to participate in educational talks with Izzie Roffe-Silvester telling excerpts from her work Material Fiction:  A story of clothing as if resources mattered.”

Everybody at the Open Market had a great energy, and by-standers casually passing saw what was going on and instantly wanted to get involved. 


What Is Swishing?

We teamed up with Rags Revival, Brighton Clothes Swaps for our swishing event.

Swishing was the original concept of Lucy Shea , CEO of Futerra. It is an event that encourages people to swap clothes and transform your wardrobe in a more eco-friendly way.  It gives the opportunity to give unloved items a new home and to replace it with what could be your next favourite item of clothing. There was only one rule during this event: the clothing people brought in had to be of good quality so that when item are exchanged, the quality is maintained.

This event was a perfect way to close Brighton Fashion Week on Saturday 17th October. It was inspiring to see how many people got on board and wanted to find out more. This is a stitch in the right direction for the fashion industry!

Rags Revival is back again at the FAIR shop, 21 Queens Road on November 14th 11-5pm Women and Children’s Clothing. Rags Revival admission is £5.   Also, read about the Love Your Clothes Christmas Jumper competition running until December 7th and win one of three great prizes!