Naja: Lingerie To Empower and Support Women

Naja, with its attention to detail, quote-ridden knicker gussets and socially conscious work ethic, is the new lingerie brand on everybody’s lips - and having recently exceeded the target on their second Kickstarter campaign ‘Underwear For Hope’, it’s clear that supporters everywhere are excited about what Naja is up to.


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Columbian founder Catalina Gerald was inspired by the gap in the lingerie market that she saw: 'What’s missing...[was] a classy, uniquely designed brand that is high quality and reasonably priced. Naja fulfils that need...a lingerie brand that could walk the runways while remaining accessible to most'. Having never designed before, Catalina began with these specifications in mind; however she made sure she included the unique detail, practicality, and ‘ooh’ factor that she herself appreciates most in a garment.


Understanding the importance of comfort, Catalina began Naja’s journey by focusing on the perfect bra cup for six months, until she came up with the ultimate memory-foam cup (that’s right – memory foam!): comfortable and functional, with sexy, glamorous and confidence boosting patterns and styles. But affordability, comfort and catwalk-quality are not the only selling points of this stunning range of lingerie. Another key value for Catalina was inspiring and doing good for the women who buy their products, as well as doing good for the world – a value which Naja manages to be completely mindful of with their new program, Underwear For Hope.


Naja makes women smile, and it does this with elements of unexpected detail. Each of Naja’s bras feature the aforementioned well-received, ultra-comfortable cup, uniquely printed with beautiful ‘secret’ designs inside the cup, often juxtaposing the pattern on the exterior. Also, many of their gorgeous pairs of knickers feature inspirational and heart warming quotes printed on the cotton gusset – there to make women smile every time they nip to the loo.


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With this initiative, Naja began acting upon their desire to change people’s lives. Underwear For Hope is Naja’s newest programme in connection with the Golondrinas Foundation in Colombia, which, with a similar philosophy to Who Made Your Pants, teaches single mothers marketable skills – such as learning to sew – and then offers them employment sewing their lingerie wash bags. These women are then given a percentage of the sales. Naja is also supporting single mothers and other female heads-of-household by solely employing these women in their underwear factories; therefore every purchase from Naja is going towards getting a single mother a job.


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Naja are empowering women; they are providing them with affordable comfort and quality underwear, inspiration, skills and quite incredibly, jobs - and the general public are helping. As Underwear For Hope exceeded their target on Kickstarter, the project now has the funds and backing it needs to help empower, inspire and support women (in more ways than one!).


Sophie Churcher

Brighton Fashion Week blogger