Interview With CARLOTAOMS

CARLOTAOMS is a brand that gages its inspiration through the streets of Barcelona; the artists, sculptors, writers and poets that submerge. CARLOTAOMS is a androgynous brand, and believes that all sexes can wear the sam product. 


What are the inspirations behind your brand?

CARLOTAOMS is conceptual and creative brand but doesn't neglect a commercial purpose. The brand has an extensive and profound creative process. It's focus is in the streets, artists and sculptors that show their works to the world, the music played in Barcelona bars, ​​the wine that people taste at night, cultural trends, writers and poets that submerge the inhabitants of an empirical world in an ephemeral reality. CARLOTAOMS feeds off its surroundings to create and design.

Once the brand have done a research of what's going on around the studio and in other international cities, the designers begin to design, always thinking about followers of the brand. For SS16 CARLOTAOMS is presenting a new collection named Alegoría. “Alegoría” is the visual artistic representation of abstract ideas, rendering an image of something which was previously invisible and providing the pure visual essence of the concept.

A collection will be presented where “alegoría” is the visual formation of a joint creative process’ concept. Proposals of the collection are resulting of the experimentation of two creative minds building one artistic unity. The concept “alegoría” is reflected in straight lines crossing over one another in the patterns; the inclusion of yellow’s luminosity; and the threads that playfully criss-cross in the embroidery work. Pure lines of the patronage as well as black and white colours are part of CARLOTAOMS’ identity.


How do you think you are different from other brands around right now?

CARLOTAOMS works with androgynous clothes. We believe that all sexes can wear the same product, therefore our clothes are adapted for both gender bodies. The brand also works with hand made prints creating large designs that, varying the position of garment into the fabric, never look like the previous - so the customer will always have an exclusive garment.

Have you faced any particular challenges whilst setting up your brand?

Obviously, to create a brand and expand it is very difficult. There are platforms that help emerging designers to open market but even so, it is very difficult to start, produce, distribute and sell the products. Anyway, we can not complain, the brand started one year ago and has grown at an impressive rate.


How important is environmental sustainability to your brand? And how do you ensure it features?

For CARLOTAOMS, environmental sustainability is very important. CARLOTAOMS is an awareness brand in sustainable level and makes quality product with high level natural materials (cotton, wool, silk ...). For this reason garments become timeless and durable and can be used year after year without losing their functionality and their properties.

Could you tell us a bit about the manufacturing process?

One of the values of CARLOTAOMS is the product KM.O. This means that all the patterns, samples, accessories and clothing are produced mainly in Barcelona. For the moment, the brand is distributing around Spanish and England cities and in networking platforms. The production runs are short because the brand is integrating into the commercial sector and it's not easy to find a place to sell emerging design.


How do you feel the fashion industry needs to change?

The multinationals are destroying the design, creativity and uniqueness of the fashion sector. If there is a phrase that has to disappear from the world of fashion to change and improve, this is fast fashion. As well, try to change the concept “more for less” and try instead to integrate the concept “quality and not quantity”.

What are your plans for the future?

Move forward, creating and growing. We have many things to say to the world of fashion and we will do it. Position ourself in different cities of the world and sell our products in various multibrand stores and of course, to show our products in fashion weeks and festivals. Never stop working - this is the slogan of our brand, and we stick to it.

CARLOTAOMS will be showcasing their collection at the Zeitgeist Show on Friday 16th October.

Tickets still available here

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