Brian Chan

Brian Chan was born in Scotland with a mixed bag of talents in drawing, installation, painting, printmaking, sculpture and fashion.  He has recently graduated from The Glasgow School Of Art achieving his HNC Fine Art, HND Public Art an BA Hons Painting and Printmaking Degree.  He describes this time as where he was able to establish his own style and movement which became one that engages through emotions, ideas and the fascinations of forms, lines, space, dimension, juxtaposition and the harmonious flow though aesthetic representations.  His extension of expressions forms a sense of light heartiness, essence of youth, humour and adventurousness, though the characteristics in relation to abstraction.  All of this has been created from his interest in expressionist and neo expressionist painting.

After graduating, Brian evolved into Scotland’s HIP art and fashion scene.  Although he never studied fashion, his passions for art, craftsmanship and a personal interest in fashion has taken the creative industry by storm.  He absorbed the experiences within the fashion industry through entering fashion shows, fashion competitions, art and fashion collaborative projects, photoshoots and has recently showcased at two London Fashion Week off schedule events.  He is also a shortlisted contestant for Brittan’s Top Designer award.

His Label is based on menswear, womenswear and accessories.  The label showcases the concept of the fusion between Art and Fashion to forming an artistic lifestyle within the creative industry.  It is bold, daring and lively as well as offering an energetic ‘galactic’ experience.

With his rave reviews and highly sort after style I had to catch up with the King of Colour on himself, art and his upcoming appearance at Brighton Fashion Week’s Zeitgeist show to delve deeper into the world of one of the brightest up and coming designers this year.



Hannah Rose Iverson, Brighton Fashion Week: Do you have a ‘defining’ moment where you knew fashion was where you waned to go?

Brian Chan: I instantly knew this was the direction I wanted to continue pursuing my passions. When I started to paint onto the garments, it just felt right at the right time during my graduation year. The fusion and the mode of direction provided me with the new creative challenges I was searching for to overcome new obstacles.


HRI: Have you had any knock backs? If so have they pushed you further to help you get where you are today?

BC: I believe everyone goes though ups and downs during their journey. I personally had encountered a few occasions which required four portfolio submission attempts in order to finally study at the Art School. In addition, during my third year at the Art School it was the most challenging year to push my creativity to another level in order to keep my dreams alive. However; those difficult years have crafted and shaped who and what I am currently pursuing. I am more determined in believing myself to say focused and keep pushing the boundaries and the possibilities.



HRI: You appear in quite a few of your photoshoots, do you like to ‘appear’ in your work too?

BC: When I feel like making work it showcases an expression that reflects about me. I release my heart and spirit into the makings of my work. Now that I am sharing my journey through fashion I feel that It’s natural that I appear in some of my work. As the artist, creator and designer expressing ideas I have beyond the canvas.



HRI: Colour is a clear influence in your work, you talk of your experiences of art during your time at University, do you have a specific artist that influences you?

BC: Firstly, I’ve been inspired by Hock-Aun Teh, my master.  He trained and guided me as an artist during my early education years.  Furthermore, I would say Picasso hugely influenced me as his work expresses endless possibilities.


HRI: Do your garments have a ‘personality’?

BC: The characteristics embrace a sense of quirkiness like Jim Carey, very expressive, bold, lively and has a fun presence.



HRI: You’re highly anticipated at this years BFW, what can we expect?

BC: Expect to see a continuation of a collection of ideas that originally inspired me in the fusion of Fine Art and Fashion. It’s the most colourful, imaginative and vibrant creations that I have currently created.  Showcasing artworks beyond the art galleries seeing art coming to life and bringing new energy to the runway.


HRI: Five years down the line where do you see yourself?

BC: I hope by then I have established a strong impression in the creative industry as a creative individual.  Having the opportunities to collaborate with various companies to form amazing new creations that has been seen and worn internationally.  Eventually I hope to have my own brand and dream stores located worldwide.


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Photographers include:

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