BFW Spotlight: Freya Von Bulow


Born in Hamburg, Germany, Freya Von Bulow currently works from her studio on the South Coast of England as an illustrator and creator of elaborate paper couture designs. As the name suggests, all of Von Bulow's elaborate and incredibly detailed designs are made entirely from delicate tissue paper. The idea behind using this medium? Fashion and artistic statements that can be worn only once and recycled, or kept as a momentum.


The detail in these garments can be not only seen with the eyes, but heard, too. The subtle rustle of the tissue paper is surreal for everyday wear, but somewhat calming and romantic in the right setting. Wedding wear, anyone?



Craftsmanship and an eye for detail is very clearly a talent for Freya. A degree in illustration seems to give her a completely different design perspective than the usual wedding and evening gown designer. The irony that something possibly worn for a wedding can be torn and destroyed so easily is a beautiful and possibly unintended idea behind these dresses. The vulnerability of this material makes the pieces very delicate, unlike chiffon and silk, a material like tissue paper would ordinarily sit away from the body, independent to itself. The design, cut and silhouette make these dresses seem one with the wearer, and no doubt reflects the vulnerability of the wearer who has to be much more careful wearing a piece like this.


Brighton is one of the best cities to soak up the creative atmosphere and be inspired. Freya Von Bulow is no different; the small towns and cities can be where the most innovative and interesting new designers are produced. Freya Von Bulow’s eye for precision, detail and craftsmanship is certainly one to watch.


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Hannah Rose Iverson

Brighton Fashion Week Blogger


Images: provided by Freya Von Bulow