BFW MEETS: Brian Chan

If you haven’t been keeping up with Brian Chan’s recent happenings, then where have you been?! I catch up with Chan, who emerged in Brighton through our Zeitgeist show last June, but is now emerging on an international level...

HRI: So, Brian, what have you been getting up to since the Zeitgeist show?

BC: Hi Hannah! Where do I start! After the Zeitgeist show I’ve been keeping busy working on new ideas, as well as working towards the next stage of my journey. I'm hoping it will unfold as I continue to enter the unknown. I was searching for more new and fresh creative challenges to keep pushing myself, in order to reach another artistic breakthrough moment. Additionally, I’ve been further expanding on my achievements this year.

How did you take the news of being offered to design over in Hong Kong? I bet excited is an understatement!

I got the opportunity to meet the designer Martin Yat Ming (aka Martin Ksohoh) while I was in Hong Kong on holiday. The offer from the International Fashion Brand RMC (Red Monkey Company), also known as Yoropiko and MKWS, was unexpected! I wasn’t sure should I say yes at that moment, but luckily I was given time to think about it until I returned to Glasgow. I will now be starting in March 2014, I feel very grateful for the extra time given to me to prepare myself for the long stay at Hong Kong, as in most normal circumstances it would have been a one-time opportunity. I am even more eager to start and am very much looking forward to these new challenges that await me as a young fashion designer, as well as a creative individual. I am excited to form amazing new creations that will be seen and worn internationally.

I don't think anyone that follows your Facebook page can deny that you've been busy! How have you found participating in Brighton Fashion Week helped you?

I’ve been really busy for sure ever since I graduated! I believe every journey I have taken has its positive moments, and that includes taking part in Brighton Fashion Week. Personally, it was perfect timing for me as it helped me to keep my creative momentum going after my February London Fashion Week shows.

I'm more than sure your colourful personality will continue through into your future work! What new collections do you have in the pipeline?

Are you sure?! Just joking! Of course it will! Well, I believe my sense of colours and palette will always continue to expand in my future creations, to even greater extents and stronger impressions artistically. My designs are full of new energy and liveliness. Currently, I’ve been making a few new and exciting pieces continuing with my collection of ideas that originally inspired me in The Fusion of Fine Art and Fashion.

What has helped you the most along your design journey? 

I feel particularly that overcoming new creative challenges through fashion has allowed me open up my imagination and myself as an artist even more, with increasing new possibilities. Additionally, the recent meet with Martin Yat Ming at Hong Kong has given me even more courage, hope and has energised my visions as well as taking my design journey to the next level. He also believes fashion has no boundaries and no limits. I feel this is another breakthrough moment of my exciting journey.

What’s next for you and your brand? Other than everything you've got going on at the moment, are there any big plans for the New Year?

I strongly believe in my visions and my passion for art and my interest in fashion will always evolve and transform. I’ll continue building up new work, and even though I’ll be working for a fashion company next year I believe it is a continuation of my exciting journey. My biggest plans will always be about pushing my creative limits and pushing the boundaries between art and fashion. I hope to continue to highlight my expressive visions by breaking many more barriers and the widening the possibilities.

What advice would you give to someone who is starting out as a designer?

The best advice is be creative and be yourself! Create what you are interested in and enter the unknown. Inspirations come and ideas will follow.


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Interview by Hannah Rose Iverson

Brighton Fashion Week Blogger


Images: Malcolm Tam

Alex Wong

Dawn Marie Jones

Holly Anne Drummond