Bambi and Manson - “Making the world a hotter place, one girl at a time”

Even though its gale force nine outside… I refuse to let the weather put a dampener on my dreams of summer sunshine. I can almost smell that after work beach pint (truly deserved) wafting in the Brighton sea breeze. But ladies. What on earth are we going to wear on these soon-to-be sweltering afternoons, I hear you ask?

Bambi and Manson, that’s what!

The label, based in Berlin was set up by uber-cool couple Polly and Jim in 2010, originally kicking off their journey into the fashion industry in the big smoke of Landan town. Since then, the label has gone from strength to strength and their ultra sexy, ultra short, customized denim creations have an impressive array of celeb followers including Made In Chelsea’s Caggie Dunlop, Girls Aloud style icon Nicola Roberts and even the fashion savvy eye of controversial LA ‘It Kid’ Audrey Kitching; to name just a small bunch!

“Making the world a hotter place, one girl at a time” is Bambi and Manson’s mission statement that really encompasses the young, fresh and fun attitude that these fashion conscience women represent… and dare I say it, lovingly points a finger in the face of the ‘Serious Fashion’ pack, confessing that it’s more than just ok to have a bit of humour with your Hermes. Having recently showcased their most recent collection, ‘Lets Run Away To LA’ in London; the label has sky-rocketed, making regular appearances in the pages of UK Gratzia, Cosmopolitan and Teen Vogue.


These super stylish little shorts can be worn with pretty much everything, team them your favourite band T or don them with your precious rock 'n' roll ripped tights… Anything goes in the world of BaM and you can even custom design the little beauty’s yourself on their web site for around £45 - In the words of Polly BaM herself “Oh Hai!”

With so much excitement to look forward to around Brighton this summer, we suggest you crack out the fake tan (grab a brolly) and leg it down to the beach. So lets cross our fingers and hope that big ball in the sky perks-up just a little because Iv got a feeling we will soon be enjoying one hell of a heatwave – Bambi and Manson style!

For more info on Bambi and Manson click HERE

Carmen Jose

Brighton Fashion Week 2012