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Kay Kwok

Kay Kwok- LCF graduate, multi award winner and menswear print designer to the stars (quite literally) is showcasing his collection 'Fake Eternity' at BFW's Zeitgeist show on 31st May. Blogger Beth caught up with him to see what we can expect from a collection inspired by Ancient Egyptian Culture, Cosmology and Religion amongst other things......


Designer Collaboration: Octavia Xiaozi Yang & Taeseok Kang

Later this month Brighton Fashion Week’s Zeitgeist show is introducing an exciting new collaboration showcasing the work of two extremely talented individuals- Taeseok Kang and Octavia Xiaozi Yang. The pair met whilst studying on the ’12 MA Fashion A...

Beth Humes | 11. May 2012


Introducing...Mark Goldenberg

Introducing Mark Goldenberg- Winner of Best Design in Fashion (2011) from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Israel. Now that’s something to brag about. The Middle East is not the first place that springs to mind at the mention of ‘Hand Craft...

Beth Humes | 13. April 2012


Sunshine Bright Beauty

Hooray! The sunshine has…at long, long last arrived…and I for one am celebrating this delightful dose of Vitamin D with all enthusiasm I can muster. (Naked sun dance optional). Given past experience of such glorious luck weather-wise, I have accepted...

Beth Humes | 30. March 2012


Maison Martin Margiela- Je T'aime

I don’t know about the rest of you…but to me there is most certainly nothing wrong with a carefully selected colour palette, and in my eyes no one does this better than Maison Martin Margiela. The palest of greys, white on white on white… and a good ...

Beth Humes | 23. March 2012


Malgorzata Dudek & H.R. Giger

In contrast to last week’s seemingly Arian post, this week I am bringing you something darker, following fellow blogger Tanja’s lead towards all that is gorgeously gothic. H. R. Giger is a man who, for most, requires little introduction. Celebrate...

Beth Humes | 09. March 2012


Right Hair, Right Now

Well what a London Fashion Week it has been! I for one am exhausted having tried to keep up with all the antics online, and as for those of the Brighton Fashion Week team who have been ‘running around like headless chickens’, (I quote) trying to abso...

Beth Humes | 24. February 2012


M A R N I for H&M

Following the huge success that was Versace for H&M last year, we are soon to be seeing another High Street & Designer Collaboration in the shape of Marni for H&M. Word on the street is that area managers placed the highest orders for any designer co...

Beth Humes | 10. February 2012



I am sure that by now the majority of you have seen the S/S ’12 trends revealed to us by ASOS…how delighted I was to see that slouchy styling is on the rise again. No longer are we limited to wearing the comfiest of comfy pyjamas in the confines of o...

Beth Humes | 03. February 2012


All White

Sat very uncomfortably in what was seemingly the coldest room in the University, I looked on as the Lecturer discussed the merits and failings of colours throughout the seasons. As I tuned back in to the end of her sentence ‘Of course, nobody would d...

Beth Humes | 27. January 2012


Mash Up

Despite being somewhat of a ‘Printophobe’, (Yes, I do believe that is the Scientific terminology!) I have recently found myself captivated by a trend so out of place amongst my usual tastes that it must be discussed. If only to reassure me that I am ...

Beth Humes | 20. January 2012
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