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Anna Bykova

Anna Bykova

Anna Bykova has recently graduated with a Womenwear BA from London College of Fashion and has completed internships with Mary Katrantzou, Iris Van Herpen and Georgia Hardinge. she has also been involved in various sustainable projects such as Future Fabrics Expo in 2012 and garment upcycling for Aegis Charity in 2010. During her work with Iris Van Herpen she'd been creating futuristic innovations using traditional craftsmanhip techniques within the haute couture fashion design; this has had a big inspiration on her personal  work.

Anna is an inventor; experimenting with innovative techniques, unorthodox  materials and compose new formulas. she also seeks to invent designs that don’t only look intriguing, but also enhance well-being in our society, culture and  environment, creating balance and sustainability. looking for sustainable innovations; this makes the design process more challenging and purposeful, creating a whole new mission for Anna as a fashion designer. She researches into primitive ethnic techniques of different cultures, and mix them with advances of technology to create her own vision of the future. Annas main aim is sustainability and innovation, which results in her signature look as futuristic and ethnic. 

Anna will be showcasing her collection at the Sustain show on Friday the 14th of June

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