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Aneta Mackonyte

Aneta Mackonyte
Aneta Mackonyte

My work explores the relationship between ancient wisdom, the natural and animal world and modern urbanity, which reveals my view on current social and spiritual disharmony and degradation. With influences as diverse as inca, maya, tibetan mythology and artificial reality, new synergies are crafted from both new and old world. These worlds give birth to my art world in which organic and synthetic energies are in balance.

My art practice is preoccupied with questions of spirituality, childhood, feminism and time and I would like to say it is an ode to the art of magic, celebration of life. I am trying to speak about unspoken everyday rituals. Costumes and visual aesthetics are a vital part in the expression of this issue, revealing further vision of senses, truth and identity.

This collection is inspired by chakras system, surrealism, occultism, tribal beliefs. The installation presents a space for internal change, draws attention to present social problems and lost values such as harmony with nature, pure love and connection with universe. This collection represents a new age tribe - tribe of many colors called „Rainbowariors“. Meaning of this collection is to put a spell on people in order to purify their hearts and mind, fulfil them with positive energy and love. Love moves everything and love is only way to see beauty around us.

I am trying to unite my own knowledge and emotions by mixing fantasy and the everyday in a child-like way. Colors are my medium, which I truly believe have a healing power for human beings. I would like to further explore this realm by using video and audio, installation and live performances to examine human consciousness. I am willing to unite fashion and magic in order to manifest my vision of different reality to which audience will be invited. Mystical, Surrealistic, Witchcraft.

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