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Brighton Fashion Week - Showcasing InnovationBrighton Fashion Week - Showcasing Innovation

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Jewellery Awaiting the Spotlight

It can be all too easy to head to the high street to refresh your jewellery collection, but stop for a second and consider these four fresh young talents in the accessories industry. Anna Byers, Christiana Christoforou, Phoebe Jewellery and Annabelle Lucilla bring inspirations ranging from mosques in Jerusalem to squirrel stashes. Talina Naviede brings to light designs sure to suit every taste....


London Hot Spots: Individual Design

London is home to so much emerging design talent, with clothing, footwear and accessories designers and craftspeople bursting out of every market and independent boutique. To narrow down the choice, Talina Naviede selects five key destinations for yo...

guest | 14. April 2014


BFW Spotlight: ASAP54

Spotted a fleeting fashion must-have on a sartorially savvy passer by? Grab your phone and snap a picture - ASAP54 is here to take fashion technology to the masses. The app searches their already impressive retailer database for matching or similar s...

guest | 13. April 2014


Met Ball: White Tie & Decorations

'White Tie & Decorations' is the formal dress code for this year's Met Ball, requiring men to don white bow ties and waistcoats while women dress to the nines ballgowns and elegant eveningwear. The 'Decorations' part of the theme is very much open to...

guest | 11. April 2014


BFW Spotlight: Hayley Grundmann

The launderette - a place for airing dirty laundry, or your latest fashion inspiration? Checked laundry bags inspire oversized prints on knit dresses, while grey, red and aqua colour schemes play out on full skirts and sheer panelling. Frederica Wats...

guest | 09. April 2014


Louis Vuitton Street Art Collaboration

Mega-brand Louis Vuitton are once again putting an artistic spin on their iconic scarves. Street artists are allowed a new space to express their creativity, embellishing simple silk scarves with bold geometric prints, tattoo-like floral designs and ...

guest | 08. April 2014


1205 by Paula Gerbase

Paula Gerbase of 1205 studio designs elegant, stylish, unisex creations, deconstructing the binary gender system in fashion. Menswear ceases to be borrowed from boyfriend's and brother's wardrobes, instead simply being shared. Giulia Carri analyses t...

guest | 05. April 2014


Russia's S/S '14 Scene

Amongst the recent political and social issues that have come out of Russia, it could be easily forgotten that the country operates a thriving a fashion scene. However, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Ulyana Sergeenko and Vika Gakinskaya demand to be noticed. Vic...

guest | 03. April 2014


Architectural Design: Vivien Chong

A designer's vision can be inspired by almost anything in the world around us. Vivien Chong, amongst others, oft finds inspiration in the bold lines of architecture. Light and shade trickling through windows and glass walls play out in gossamer-thin ...

guest | 02. April 2014


Miuccia Prada Presents Luxury Bespoke Shoes

Fancy playing Prada for 48 hours? Last week, the pop-up project allowed customers to design their very own Prada footwear, choosing the shoe type, heel height and colour of their creation, alongside monogramming their own initials into the pair. It s...

guest | 30. March 2014


Hot Tips: New Job

In the last in Hannah Rose Iverson's Hot Tips series, let her guide you through making the most of your new job. Be humble and remember everyone has to start somewhere, don't be afraid to ask questions and look the part - but in a way that still enab...

guest | 28. March 2014
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