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Brighton Fashion Week - Showcasing InnovationBrighton Fashion Week - Showcasing Innovation

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Following the Crowd: Does Individual Fashion Exist?

To be stylish is to be part of a collective these days, but catwalk trends are increasingly unwearable - is this the end for individual fashion, asks Hannah Ellison....


Meat Free Week: Vegan Company Matt & Natt

Celebrate Meat Free Week with vegan handbag brand Matt and Nat, as Victoria Black proves there's no need to turn to leather....

guest | 26. March 2015


Moda Lisboa: Dino Alves

Dino Alves' AW16 collection for ModaLisboa (Lisbon Fashion Week) was an ode to black, with guests also kitted out in the inky hue. Giulia Carri steps over to the dark side...

guest | 24. March 2015



Lisbon Fashion Week kicked off with Sangue Nova, a runway show featuring ten of Lisbon's most promising talents. Our international blogger Giulia Carri selects her favourite three...

guest | 23. March 2015


Veja’s Sustainable Sneakers

Veja refuse to compromise on their ethics for a cheap price point, paying workers a fair wage for sustainable sneakers made from the finest Brazilian materials. Victoria Black reveals the company's secret to success...

guest | 19. March 2015


Breaking Boundaries: Givenchy and Beauty as Art  

Givenchy's latest beauty looks caused quite a stir this fashion season, with it's inspiration taken from Victorian chola style. Hannah Ellison asks if recreating the facial features of a racial group is going a step too far...

guest | 16. March 2015


Fashion Technology Apps Are Taking Over

See a style you like? Snap a pic and buy the same item on the go with today's high-tech fashion apps. You're even invited front row to see shows through the editor's eye. Victoria Black logs on to her favourite fashion apps...

guest | 15. March 2015



Fashion Scout's Ones to Watch unveiled four standout collections from finalists - a testament to their talent and creativity. Giulia Carri reviews...

guest | 14. March 2015


Do Designers Focus Too Much On Celebrity Attendants?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have dominated the mainstream media for the duration of fashion month, but what about the clothes? Victoria Farley asks if celebrities are taking over more than the FROW...

guest | 13. March 2015


Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty - Curator's Talk

With four days to go before Savage Beauty, the V&A's eagerly anticipated Alexander McQueen retrospective, opens at the museum, Isabella Silvers headed to London Fashion Weekend to hear curator Sonnet Stanfill talk about bringing the exhibition home t...

Isabella | 10. March 2015


Hipster Economics: Fashion and the ‘Flat White Economy’

How did a subversive fashion trend end up boosting the Flat White Economy? Hannah Ellison charts the rising influence of the hipster...

guest | 09. March 2015
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