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Brighton Fashion Week - Showcasing InnovationBrighton Fashion Week - Showcasing Innovation

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Free the Nipple: How a Fashion Trend Became a Social Movement

#freethenipple is sweeping social media, but are we ready for bare breasts in day to day life? Hannah Ellison gets shirty...


Killer Clothes That Don’t Kill the Environment: The Reformation

From today's Fashion Revolution to Earth Day, it's time to get ethical and consume consciously. Victoria Black welcomes The Reformation - a brand doing more than any other to make style sustainable....

Victoria | 24. April 2015


Fashion Revolution Day - 24/4

Fashion Revolution Day is fast approaching on the 2nd anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster - are you ready to ask #whomademyclothes? It's time to hold brands accountable to the terrible working conditions of garment makers, says Iva Moutelikova...

Iva | 22. April 2015


Is Banning Models Under a Certain Size the Way Forward?  

With France banning the use of super skinny models, Victoria Farley asks if a prison sentence will really change the fashion industry's take on beauty for the better...

Victoria F | 22. April 2015



Should fashion #DropThePlus? Victoria Farley debates if it's right to label models as plus-size when they barely hit a size 10...

Victoria F | 21. April 2015


Acting Out: The Fashion Industry’s Issue with Homosexuality and Gender

If the stereotypical man in fashion is gay and overly camp, it comes as a surprise to hear that two male models were told to hide their relationship and act 'butch'. Hannah Ellison brings you some late night food for thought...

Hannah | 20. April 2015


BFW Spotlight: Taibo Bacar

Having to leave Africa to gain formal fashion training, Taibo Bacar has by no means forgotten his Mozambique roots. Victoria Black reveals electric colours and simple shapes with an African twist....

Victoria | 19. April 2015


Dressing Smart: Fashion’s place in the Social Media Revolution

Fashion has gotten even faster thanks to social media, where OOTD hashtags reign supreme and Instalikes mean more than sales. Hannah Ellison asks if this viral reality is a good thing for the industry....

Hannah | 13. April 2015


The Diversity Interviews: Mathew Parr

It's time to talk; the conversation about diversity in fashion and beauty has come a long way, but there's still a lot to be learned. In a new series of interviews, Giulia Carri speaks to industry insiders about their views and what they're doing to ...

Giulia | 11. April 2015



Meet Miuniku - two sisters making magic with their clean lines and graphic silhouettes. Thanks to stints in London and India, Victoria Black predicts big things for the increasingly popular duo...

Victoria | 10. April 2015


BFW Spotlight: Jiri Kalfar

Jiri Kalfar's designs are graceful and flexible with a bohemian edge, quietly proving that gender stereotypes can be a thing of the past. Iva Moutelikova meets this ballet pro turned stylist...

Iva | 09. April 2015
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